We know what you are good at.

Let us sell it and grow your company as part of your organization. “Rent a VP” and their business development team!

Over 20 years of successful offsite, remote, outsourced, Fortune 500 business development expertise specializing in growing emerging brands and companies.

The value of "Renting a VP" and their team, for Remote Sales, Marketing, or Senior Management Entrepreneurial Coaching.

  • We shorten your sales cycle.
  • Lower prospect qualifying costs.
  • Reduce or eliminate travel costs.
  • Success is based on performance.

We don’t simply represent your business. We become part of your direct team, we are not manufacturer reps.

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How We Work

Your Customers or Prospects See Us as Your Company.

On Your Team.

Side By Side.

Our Services

Management at a Fraction of the Cost

Our Work Methodology

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Sustainable Success

Since 1992, Urban Dynamics Inc has been committed to helping clients become high-performance businesses. Working with clients to help them make better decisions and convert those strategies and tactics into revenue and profit.

An Asset to Any Growing Company or Brand

Our contract services provide senior-level Fortune 500 expertise at a fraction of the cost of full-time marketing, sales, or business development senior management! We are passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, even if it isn’t easy.

Why Urban Dynamic Inc.

Urban Dynamics managers have Fortune 500 as well as start-up or small business experience with manufacturers, service providers, and many other types of organizations.

Urban Dynamics managers are part of your team and can help clients develop and/or refine their marketing strategies and tactics.

The “Rent a VP Concept” – Fox TV – Interview & Client Testimonial

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